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Your Rights as an Unwed Father

On paper, the law does not favor women in a divorce. Theoretically, the same should be true for any parenting decisions.

In recent decades, the law has made many strides in protecting men and their fathers’ rights. However, cultural biases still exist. Judges are only people, and they are not immune to the influences of such biases. They can still unfairly rule against men and fathers.

If you are concerned or confused about your rights as a legal father, read further. What follows are the rights all good fathers should have. Singleton Smith Law Offices, Inc. is here to help if any authority attempts to block any of these rights.

The Right to Pay Child Support

Child support has gained an unfair reputation. Too often, people think of it as some unfair burden. You should instead see it as a way to help keep your kids healthy. You are directly contributing to their welfare with this money.

Moreover, a stubborn co-parent cannot block child support. They are under a legal obligation to take it and use it for the betterment of the children. They also cannot, by law, spend this money on themselves. Doing so can lead to legal consequences.

The Right to Visitation or Custody

Your parenting plan should include visitation and custody schedules. You can make these agreements with your co-parent through mediation. If neither party can agree to a schedule, the court will decide one.

Once this plan is in place, it cannot be altered. It is a court decree. Any time you that are scheduled to be with the kids is “set in stone.” The co-parent cannot block or change this schedule without the court’s approval.

The Right to Include Children in Your Benefits

Most of your necessary insurance plans have options that include your children. This applies to both health and car insurance benefits. Many military benefits are available to your children as well.

Make Sure to Secure Paternity

Being the biological father of a child isn’t always enough to secure your benefits. You need to make sure you are also the legal father. The legal term for fatherhood is “paternity.”

If you have a good relationship with the mother, receiving paternity should be easy enough. You can sign the birth certificate, or you can file paperwork alongside the co-parent.

In some situations, though, you must fight for your paternity. Perhaps the co-parent is trying to block you, or maybe they allowed another man to sign the birth certificate. In these scenarios, you must take the matter to court. First, you must prove that you are the biological father of the child. Then you must convince the court that your staying involved is best for the child.

At times like these, having a good attorney by your side will be critical. They can help you collect all the necessary paperwork, and they can build a case for why you deserve your paternal rights.

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