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Are you looking to file a personal injury claim for a dog bite injury? If so, it may benefit you to contact our Murrieta injury attorneys at Singleton Smith Law Offices. Our team is committed to representing individuals who have been the victim of dog bites and other types of injury.

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Every year, about 4.5 million people are attacked by dogs in the United States. Dog bite claims can be premises liability cases, because a negligent owner may be found liable for their dog biting a visitor. Oftentimes, the owner is found liable, because it is their legal responsibility to prevent their dog from hurting people or damaging property.

When a dog bites someone, the owner will most likely have to reimburse the victim for medical expenses, lost wages from taking time off work, and pain and suffering. Other consequences may be involved in a dog bite case. If an owner lets their dog run loose around children and the dog ends up biting a child, the owner may face a fine or a jail sentence. In the most severe situations, an owner may have to put their dog to sleep in order to prevent further injuries from occurring.

Liability in a Dog Bite Case

An owner may be found liable for the injury the dog caused if any of these factors are true:

  • If the owner knows that their dog has a tendency to bite, the victim may be able to prove liability this way; however, they must be able to prove that the owner knew the dog posed a threat.
  • If there is a dog bite statute law in place, the owner will be responsible for almost all injuries their dog may cause, whether or not the owner knew the dog had a tendency to cause that kind of injury.
  • If the dog bite occurred because the owner was negligent in controlling their dog, they may be found liable.

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