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Military Divorce in Murrieta

How Is Divorce Different for Military Members?

Divorce is an issue that can affect anyone, no matter who you are. Those that are enlisted in the military may also have this issue arise and it does not always come at a convenient time.

Military divorces are unique and will differ from thetypical divorce case. They need the attention of a qualified military divorce lawyer who can help alleviate the strain and seek a timely resolution. At Singleton Smith Law Offices, Inc., we counsel anyone going through a divorce to determine their goals early on and implement them throughout the divorce process.

While no one hopes to go through a divorce, it is a reality for many. In addition, when the divorce involves an individual enlisted in the military, there will be different laws that apply which can be challenging to understand without the counsel of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Stationed Overseas? We Can Help!

Even military divorces are handled by the state courts and different states choose to handle divorce in their own ways. Some require a waiting period either prior to divorce or before remarrying. In the state of California, if at least one of the spouses is considered a resident, they will need to adhere to a wait time of six months from filing their petition for divorce before they are able to continue on with the rest of the process. This is known as the "waiting period." When a member of the military is deployed, many believe they are unable to begin that waiting period until they are back in the country. This can drag out an already difficult process, further increasing the stress and emotion that it can cause. There are options available to you and a military divorce lawyer can actually assist you on beginning the divorce process even while you are deployed.

As with other divorce cases, many aspects will need to be decided upon such as child support, property division, child custody and spousal support. These issues can be more challenging to deal with, factoring in the different lifestyle of a member of the military. The frequent relocation of military members will need to be considered when deciding on child custody. In addition, those in the military can have their pension affected under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, and some of their retirement pay may be awarded to their former spouse. To protect military members, no more than 60 percent of their income can be awarded for spousal support or child custody. Often times the income of a military member is one of the main focuses of the divorce process and will require the legal guidance of an adept lawyer that has successfully handled cases such as these before.

Representation in Military Divorce

At our firm we can offer you a high level of legal skill while seeking to resolve your divorce in a manner that works for you. Both military members and their spouses can be affected substantially during this time and it is our goal to reduce the impact and provide for the simplest dissolution possible. Speak with an attorney from our firm during a free consultation for greater insight into how we can assist you. Keep in mind that for those stationed overseas, we can communicate with you over the phone or through email, meaning you do not need to visit our office to receive the exceptional representation offered by our firm.

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Contact a military divorce lawyer from our office in Murrieta if you are going through a military divorce and need the guidance of a legal professional.


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