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At Singleton Smith Law Offices, our Murrieta divorce lawyers are extremely knowledgeable in divorce law, including the specifics regarding an issue of Native American divorce. Our office is located near the Pechanga land and we are able to serve those residing in this area, amongst other California Indigenous Native Americans. Native American culture has been integrated throughout the state. Reservations can be seen up and down the coast and many Native Americans have even moved into surrounding city and suburban areas. The aspects of a reservation are very unique. While they are located in the state, they can often possess their own laws that regulate the daily life of their native community.

Many legal issues arise, but those regarding Native Americans can differ from the rest. Since these cases are unique, they require the legal guidance of an attorney that can cater to the particular circumstances. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the rate of Native American divorce is one of the highest, and numerous individuals can find themselves dealing with this issue. When you do, our firm will be here to help. It is important to remember the effects that this decision will have down the road and you want to ensure you are protected in matters of child custody, division of assets, child support and more. There are over a hundred federally recognized tribes in the state and tribal law can pertain to many family law issues that we are qualified to assist in. There are limitless reasons that a couple may choose to part ways and when you do, our firm will seek to make the break as easy as possible.

Representing Native American Tribes in Murrieta

Our team's first concern is our clients and we are always looking to find a solution that works in their favor. We begin by reviewing each case and learning more about our client and their goals through a free consultation. After this, we seek to implement effective tactics that may lead to a positive outcome. Personalized service is something we always look to offer, believing that every case is important. While we provide the option of meeting with our attorney directly, for those that are reservation bound, we provide a phone consultation. We have assisted other Native American individuals to pursue a resolution and may be able to do the same for you.

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