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Are you currently going through a divorce? Are you finding it tough to deal with this serious legal matter on your own? Do you have concerns about your children, your assets or your income? If so, now is the time to speak with a divorce lawyer from our firm.

With more than 25 years of combined legal experience, Singleton Smith Law Offices has been helping spouses get through both contested and uncontested divorces in Riverside County. When you work with an attorney from our team, you will be provided with outstanding legal services and counsel so you can get through this difficult time with ease.

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Divorce Matters We Handle

Our firm can help with complex issues related to divorce including, but not limited to:

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

We provide counsel and representation for those in Riverside County going through contested or uncontested divorce. During a contested divorce, both parties will find it is difficult to agree upon important legal matters. They may fight or engage in conflicts with one another which will only prolong the legal process. When going through a contested divorce, it is always a wise idea for to retain the services of a divorce lawyer from an award-winning firm like Singleton Smith Law Offices.

The other type of divorce, uncontested divorce, occurs when both parties are in agreement on most of the important matters surrounding their divorces. During uncontested divorces, spouses are usually able to get through the legal process without much conflict, but will still benefit from the services and guidance of knowledgeable Murrieta family law attorneys.

Other Types of Divorce We Can Handle:

How Long Does it Take for Divorce to be Final?

To successfully file for divorce in California, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Resided between California borders for the last 6 months
  2. Resided in the county for the past 3 months where you plan to file the divorce

However, if you and your spouse have met the first requirement, but not the second, you may file in either county. Regardless, if you initiate the process, the divorce will take a minimum of six months. In California, a divorce may take longer than six months, but not fewer.

How Do I Divorce My Domestic Partner?

If a domestic partnership was registered in California, the couple has automatically agreed to their court’s jurisdiction. If the partnership was not registered in CA, then the following must be met:

  • Lived in California for the last 6 months
  • Lived in the county where you plan to file for the last 3 months

Keep in mind, if you are your partner decide to end the domestic partnership while not residing in CA, the court may not be able to rule on issues such as custody, support, asset division, etc.

Contact Singleton Smith Law Offices for a Free Consultation

      If you choose to work with an experienced divorce attorney from Singleton Smith Law Office, you will find that your divorce process will be expedited and that much of the legal stress will be taken off of your shoulders. We will be advocates on your side and can help with any divorce questions or needs you have.

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      To learn more about divorce law in Riverside County, contact Singleton Smith Law Offices. Speak with our divorce attorney during a free consultation.


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