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A parenting plan is a written agreement that is made between both parents. Also referred to as a custody and visitation agreement, it is created to address how the two parents will raise the child in spite of their new situation. It can provide a picture to the court about what the relationship will look like following the divorce and how the child will be taken care of. The two main points that it addresses are how time will be shared between the two parents and how they will go about making decisions for their child's healthcare, welfare and education.

When you and the other parent are sitting down to develop the plan, make sure that you are considering your child's basic needs, providing enough detail, forming a plan that is consistent for your child and offering them a sense of security through the plan. You also want to make sure that both parents will have access to information about your child, that you are able to view medical and school records, that you can both call your child and that you will have each other's contact information so that you can continue communicating.

The plan should address both physical custody and legal custody. If you are able to jointly care for your child then you will need to show the court how you plan to do so. For physical custody, detail how you plan to divide the child's time during the week and weekend, where they will spend holidays or breaks, which parent will be in charge during each time, how the child will get to each parent's house and who is in charge of the child's various activities. In regards to legal custody you need to address how decisions will be made for medical treatment, emergency treatment, school, religion and other important factors.

Developing a Plan with a Murrieta Divorce Attorney

Working with a Murrieta divorce lawyer from Singleton Smith Law Offices can be a great relief during this process and they are able to offer knowledge, guidance and insight. It is important that your plan is sound so that it is more likely to be approved by the court and so that it allows you and the other parent to have a say in how you will take care of your child. A legal professional can also look out for your interests and the interests of your child in child custody matters when you and the other parent are unable to see eye to eye.

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