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These days, there is more discussion about a father’s rights than in previous generations. Gender equality benefits everyone, and the legal system no longer assumes that the mother should be granted all parental privileges. However, antiquated thinking persists among many, and some men must fight for their parental privileges.

At Singleton Smith Law Offices, Inc., we are sensitive to the specific needs of a father. Our firm understands that you need access to your children the same as any parent, regardless of gender. We do not allow our clients to be ignored by the system, and we will fight for their parental rights.

Our firm can help fathers secure their rights in Temecula. For help, reach out online today.

Visitation Rights

If you are a legal father, you have the right to see your children. Visitation is assumed for parents. It is not granted as gift. Do not allow the other parent to convince you otherwise. If they are uncooperative in allowing access to your child, reach out to our firm today. We can plead to the courts and help force a parent to allow you access to your kids.

Visitation rights are not granted, but they can be removed. If the court believes you are an unfit parent, they can limit your access to your children or cut it off completely. At Singleton Smith Law Offices, Inc., we know that these decisions sometimes come from false, trumped-up allegations. If you need help having your parental rights reinstated, give us a call. We may be able to show the courts your involvement is what’s best for the child.

Child Support

When an adult relationship ends contentiously, one person may want absolutely nothing to do with the other. You could attempt to help support your child, only to have your money returned. As a father, you have a legal right to help support your children financially.

Decision-Making Rights

In a divorce, custody decisions affect a father’s decision-making power. Courts believe they are operating in a child’s best interests. If your spouse convinces the courts that you are not a fit parent, the courts can grant them all decision-making power. You could be left out of medical, educational, and extracurricular decisions. You will have power only when you are in direct possession of the child.

Trust Singleton Smith Law Offices, Inc. to help represent you in court. We can help demonstrate your value to the child’s life. If you have already been cut out of certain decisions, we can help you appeal. The court must understand that your authority is in the best interest of the child.


When a mother has a child, there are no questions about the baby’s origins. Clearly, she is the legal mother. Fatherhood, however, is more nebulous. A baby could have more than one potential father. By law, when a pregnant woman is married, her husband can automatically become the legal father regardless of biological connection to the child.

When the biological father wants his rights, and he is not married to the mother, he must establish paternity. “Paternity” is the term for legal fatherhood. You can be established it at the hospital when the baby is born, or shortly thereafter.

Sometimes, however, a man discovers that he is a father much later in the child’s life. To establish paternity, he must petition the courts. Because courts operate in what they believe is the “best interest of the child,” they can deny this request. They may rule that transferring paternity to a new person will be too disruptive for the child. The child, the court will argue, is better off with the father they have always known.

Our firm can help you establish paternity. If it is early in the baby’s life and there is no opposition from the mother, we can overlook your paperwork and make sure it is filed correctly and on time. When you want paternity over a child you just discovered, or when another man was erroneously granted paternity, we can help you petition the courts. You can trust us with the paperwork, and we can help build a credible argument in your favor. If paternity is denied, we can help appeal this decision.

If you need help securing your legal rights as a father in Temecula, contact our office for a free consultation. Call (951) 779-1610 today, or reach out online.


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