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Becoming a father is a monumental, life-changing milestone for many men. Being informed about your rights as a father is imperative to ensuring your ability to care for and maintain a relationship with your child. If you are going through a legal matter such as a custody battle, child support case, or fighting for your right to visitation, having a talented and empathetic father’s rights attorney on your side will be essential.

At Singleton Smith Law Offices, we are committed to the belief that fathers’ rights are just as important as mother’s rights, and that fathers play an instrumental role in raising well-rounded and successful children. We also believe that children deserve to have their fathers in their lives, regardless of issues outside of their parent-child relationship.

At our firm, we offer services and work on cases related to father’s rights such as:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Paternity
  • Spousal support
  • Stepparent adoption

Why a Fathers’ Rights Attorney is Necessary

Depending on the circumstances surrounding their relationship with their child’s mother, many men find themselves unsure of how to approach legal situations regarding their rights to their child. Some men worry that they will not be heard or taken seriously in a court of law regarding their concerns for their child. This is where legal representation comes in. Having an experienced attorney like those you can find at Singleton Smith Law Offices provides you with a vocal advocate and knowledgeable resource regarding your rights as a father.

At Singleton Smith, we understand that fathers’ rights cases can be very difficult because of the highly personal and emotional nature of them. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with timely and sensitive legal representation. Some benefits of having a fathers’ rights attorney supporting you are:

  • Ensuring you are not overlooked in court
  • Our expertise in the field can help you understand your rights
  • Knowledge of California state-specific parental laws
  • Ensuring you are not taken advantage of in child support cases

If you are currently involved in any case regarding your parental rights as a father and would like assistance or information, please contact us at (951) 779-1610 or via our contact page.


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