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Divorce impacts all members of a family, including grandparents. A broken family can be extremely difficult for a child to comprehend. This makes extended family members all the more important for the well-being and emotional growth of a child. For some grandparents, a divorce means increased difficulties when it comes to visiting their grandchildren.

Because of this, a grandparent’s right to visit their grandchildren is given consideration under California law. Grandparents can formally request reasonable visitation rights with their grandchildren.

For cases where a parent refuses visitation rights, the grandparent will need to consult professional assistance to maintain a relationship with the grandchild. Our experienced attorneys can help with this if need be. At, Singleton Smith Law Offices, Inc., we can help you establish a pre-existing relationship and familial bond between you and your grandchild.

Courts will consider the following factors in these types of cases to determine the best interest of the child:

  • The child’s age
  • Special needs of the child
  • The placement of siblings
  • Relationship with grandparents or others who dwell in the home
  • Grandparent’s use of drugs or alcohol
  • Grandparent’s mental and physical health
  • The stability of the home’s environment
  • Death or incarceration of one of the parents

Our legal team takes on grandparent rights cases involving:

  • Parents Refusing Visitation Rights
  • Overseas & Military Separations
  • Temporary or Long-Term Guardianship

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