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Supreme Court Ruling of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Come with Debate

On June 26th, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage legalization nationwide. For many people, it was a time to celebrate a historic event that embodied a great victory for LGBTQ activists. For others, however, it was a defeat.

In California, a state that is generally considered liberal-minded and openly supportive of same-sex marriage rights, common folk and politicians alike were quick to express their disapproval of the ruling. Some would see it as a direct violation of Constitutional statues. Others felt it infringed upon the freedoms of religious institutions everywhere.

Opposing viewpoints did not seem to deter from the overall jubilation of those who did support the ruling, as people took to the streets with rainbow-colored flags and posters after the decision was announced.

Celebrating for a Different Reason

Not everyone who was happy about the ruling was necessarily pleased about same-sex marriage rights. Rather, many were feeling victorious because same-sex married couples had also been granted the right to divorce in any state. If a state did not recognize their union, a same-sex couple could previously not dissolve their marriage until they had moved to – and lived in for some time – a state that did.

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