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Have you been handed divorce papers unexpectedly? Are you thinking you would be happier if you were no longer married? No matter who initiates a divorce, it remains a potentially-complicated process if you do not know what to expect.

In the average divorce, you will need to consider:

The list could go on, depending on the complexity of your divorce and the length of your marriage. Singleton Smith Law Offices and our Wildomar divorce lawyers can help you sort through everything and keep your divorce pointed in the direct that upholds your best interests. Our client-focused approach to family law cases has earned us a strong reputation for excellence throughout Southern California as well as numerous positive client testimonials.

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Will Your Divorce Be Contested or Uncontested?

Movies, television, and other forms of media tend to depict divorces as heated legal fights that pit one spouse against the other. This may be stereotypical of a contested divorce but it is not necessarily common. Many divorcing spouses manage to keep things civil and sidestep unnecessary conflict. In other cases, both spouses can agree on all aspects of their divorce, creating what is known as an uncontested divorce.

Benefits you can enjoy if your divorce is uncontested include:

  • Save time: An uncontested divorce can sometimes close in a matter of a few months due to the fact that neither spouse is challenging every move of the other. A contested divorce could take many months or years to conclude.
  • Spend less: Court costs and attorney fees are generally lower in uncontested divorces – compared to contested divorces – since less trips to the court or an attorney's office are necessary. More money in your coffers is something both you and your spouse can appreciate.
  • Feel better: Less contests means less fighting means less negative energy. When an uncontested divorce resolves, both spouses and any children they share feel better and tend to have higher hopes for the future.

One Law Firm for All Your Divorce Concerns

Our Wildomar divorce attorneys pride themselves in being able to provide all the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any kind of client divorce case, including complex military divorces. All of our services are also upheld by a genuine sense of compassion; we know that you are not thrilled to go through a divorce, and we hope our kindness and understanding make things easier for you and your family. Let us start talking about your divorce options and what you really need to know upfront today – just call (951) 779-1610to tell us more during a free, no-obligation consultation.

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