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Benefits of Staying Married but Separated Rather Than a Divorce

It's no secret that the divorce rate in America is high, with nearly fifty percent of marriages ending. You may currently struggle through a difficult marriage, considering moving on. Before you do, consider the advantages of separation first.

Separation has many benefits. Some are practical, and some could help you reconcile your differences and become stronger as a unit.

Here is an overview of legal separation. In it, we will compare divorce and separation and provide reasons why separation may be your best option instead of signing those divorce papers.

The Legal Implications of a Marriage Separation Versus a Divorce

Understanding the differences between legal separation and divorce can be complex and overwhelming. However, familiarizing yourself with both options will help you make an informed decision.

Marriage separation most often involves couples living apart while remaining legally married.

Divorce legally ends the marital relationship altogether.

The Financial Benefits of Separating Rather than Divorcing

Separating can be a financial blessing when compared to divorce. It allows spouses to remain married and still live apart.

This can be less expensive, as separation can protect existing benefits. You can continue to share health insurance and pensions that may otherwise be lost in a divorce.

The entire process costs much less as well. Separation is generally simpler than divorce so you can avoid many of the court and legal fees associated with divorce.

Relationship Benefits

Separation can give both parties more time and space to consider their goals and desires while the divorce is final. It provides breathing room to prevent further conflict and gives each person time to reflect and heal. Separation can also allow to experience independence while keeping your relationship legally intact. The legalities of separation also make reuniting easier, should you choose to do so.

There is also a risk that one or both individuals could become emotionally distant during this time of physical distance. It may be hard to consider this distance a benefit, but consider what growing apart tells you. It sends you the message that the relationship may end, and you can end it free of guilt, shame, anger, and the like. Amicable breakups are always better than a bitter divorce, especially when children are involved.

Speak with Your Attorney Before Making a Decision

Regarding decisions regarding your marriage, sound legal advice is essential. Consulting a qualified attorney can help you understand potential financial and legal consequences. They can help you weigh your options and decide which is better, a separation or divorce. Lawyers also provide invaluable insight into the overall process.

Speaking with an attorney lets you make informed decisions about what’s best for everyone involved. Unlike other sources of information, such as friends and family, a lawyer can bring more accuracy to the conversation. While a difficult decision may be looming, seeking knowledgeable counsel is instrumental to navigating a potentially complex legal matter.

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