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5 Telltale Signs That You May Be Headed for Divorce

While divorce is not easy to predict, there are signs to look out for that may indicate a potential divorce is on the horizon. There are also times when an individual may be blindsided by a divorce announcement only to think back on their relationship and start to put the pieces together to find out some of these signs were there from the beginning. Today, we are going over 5 telltale signs of divorce and how they may indicate a potential divorce on the rise.

Lack of Communication

In relationships, communication allows to you explain what you are experiencing, what your needs are, and how you would like your partner to treat you. The act of communicating not only helps meet your needs, but it also helps you feel connected in your relationship. While it is common for you and your spouse to miscommunicate and fight from time to time, if your spouse is not willing to communicate with you about certain issues, this may be a bad sign.

A spouse that has given up on the relationship is less willing to discuss issues, communicate with you about your feelings, and try out couple’s therapy in the event you require some additional support through counseling.

You suspect an affair

It is a common occurrence for a married individual to seek out love, companionship, physical touch, and affection with someone else if they are not receiving this in their marriage. If your spouse is having an affair, he/she may exhibit other behaviors such as staying up later, spending more time away from the house, and being overprotective of their phone and laptop.

You do not say “I love you”

If you and your spouse are not saying I love you, complimenting one another, and/or expressing how much you care about one another, this could be another telltale sign that a divorce may be coming. While couples do go through their ups and downs together, if your spouse will not say “I love you” anymore and you have a conversation about it, which turns into a fight, then you should be concerned.

You start thinking excessively about having a relationship with someone else

If you or your spouse find yourself thinking excessively about what it would be like to be with someone else and not be married anymore, this may be a sign a divorce is looking. This could be a sign that you are not feeling your marriage anymore. You could try couple’s counseling; however, if these thoughts persist, it is probably time to discuss your divorce options with your spouse.

You experience frequent highs and lows

Frequent emotional outbursts, random fights, periods of highs and lows may all be indicative of the fact that either you or your spouse are struggling to express that you want to leave your marriage. Additionally, this could also be a sign that your marriage is not working.

It is normal for a couple to fight and to go through tough times; however, if this persists and happens frequently, it may be a sign that divorce is near. Also, if the respect has gone and you and your spouse no longer speak nicely to one another, this could be another sign. When your arguments go beyond small fights and there is legitimate hurt and/or hatred behind your words, this is problematic.

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