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The Benefits of Divorce Counseling

To write that divorce is stressful would be an understatement. Even in amicable divorces, where both parties agree on how to dissolve their marriage, ending a lifelong partnership is almost always a profoundly emotional experience.

Divorce counseling can help you process the divorce more healthily, allowing you to navigate the circumstances more confidently and get a fresh start when the divorce is finalized. Let's take a look at why divorce counseling is such a useful tool.

What to Expect from Divorce Counseling

There are several benefits to divorce counseling:

  • It helps you grieve the loss of your marriage. At some point, you've probably heard about the six stages of grief: denial, pain and uncertainty, anger, bargaining, guilt and depression, and acceptance. Throughout your divorce, you'll probably experience all of these stages of grief. An experienced counselor can help you move through difficult phases of grief, like guilt and depression, more easily so you can reach acceptance.
  • You learn to identify what you want from the divorce. Divorce counseling can help you understand what you want from the divorce process more thoroughly. The more emotionally healthy you are, the less likely you are to take brash actions that you'll come to regret. Counseling can help you identify what you want from the divorce, which has the added benefit of helping you communicate with your lawyer and soon-to-be-ex.
  • You can parent your child(ren) more effectively. If any children are involved in the divorce, it will be a stressful time for them as well. Your counselor can teach you effective parenting techniques and help you maintain a healthy parent-child relationship throughout the divorce.
  • You gain a layer of protection from your soon-to-be-ex. It's no secret that, during divorce, many people act irrationally and hurtfully towards one another. Even if your divorce starts out amicable, your ex may unexpectedly lash out at you during the divorce. Your counselor can help you understand your ex's actions and help you maintain a strong sense of self-worth, so you remain mentally healthy throughout the divorce.
  • It helps foster success in future relationships. For most of us, divorce isn't the end of developing loving, intimate relationships with other people. Divorce counseling can help you understand what kind of partner is right for you and what steps you can take to maintain future relationships.

Divorce is never easy, but counseling can make the process significantly less emotionally draining.

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