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How to Get a Restraining Order in CA

If you are in an abusive relationship or suffering from domestic violence, you can reach the national domestic violence hotline by clicking this link, or by calling 1-800-799-7233 or texting 1-800-787-3224. Additionally, you can find a list of domestic violence organizations located across California by following this link.

Being in an abusive situation is often traumatizing and stressful. Understanding how to receive a restraining order can help you protect yourself from domestic violence.

Obtaining a Restraining Order in California

If you are in immediate danger, you should call your local police station and make a report for domestic violence. A law enforcement professional (LEP) will come to your location and assess the situation.

If the LEP determines there is sufficient reason to believe you are in danger of domestic violence, they can issue an emergency protective order (EPO) on your behalf. The EPO will force the alleged abuser to leave the premise, remain a certain distance away from you, and refrain from contacting you. Judges are available 24/7 to help LEPs issue legally binding EPOs.

The EPO is good for one week. During that time, you will need to file for a temporary restraining order (TRO). This involves filling out documents and serving the alleged abuser with paperwork to inform them of the restraining order.

The TRO is typically good for 20-25 days. At the end of that time, you and your alleged abuser will appear in court and present your cases to the judge. If the judge rules in your favor, you will obtain a permanent restraining order (PRO) against your abuser.

If you are not cohabiting, married to, or a close relative of the alleged abuser (for example, they're a coworker), you can file for a Civil Harassment Restraining Order. Civil Harassment Restraining Orders largely follow the same pattern as domestic restraining orders.

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