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What You Should Never Say to an Insurance Adjuster

Most of us know what to do after an accident. We know which calls to make, which pictures to take, and understand the importance of swapping information with the other driver. However, not everyone is aware of what they should say to the other party’s insurance adjuster. After all, many adjusters seem very friendly and helpful, which often compels accident victims to comply with their requests. However, it is a big mistake to assume the insurance adjuster is on your side.

Watch What You Say

You will likely receive several phone calls from the insurance adjuster. It is crucial to keep these conversations short and to only stick to the facts. Providing anything beyond the basics will only harm the potential success of your claim, so avoid guessing, speculating, or diving into the details of your situation.

Remember, it is the insurance adjuster’s job to protect the interests of the insurance company. Those interests are not aligned with yours. Hire a personal injury attorney who can fight on your behalf and protect your interests.

During your phone calls with the insurance adjuster, avoid the following:

  • Apologizing for the accident: Even if you do not outright claim responsibility for the accident, other phrases can be misinterpreted as an acceptance of blame. For example, if you apologize for the accident, the insurance adjuster might argue your statement is an admission of fault.
  • Making assumptions regarding how the accident occurred: You might have some guesses as to what caused the accident, but you are not an expert on such matters, so avoid making speculations. If you are wrong about it, or you later make a contradictory statement, you will seem unreliable.
  • Providing a recorded statement: The insurance adjuster will ask you to provide a recorded statement, but you are not obligated to comply. Generally, recorded statements only benefit the insurance company, so politely decline the insurance adjuster’s request.
  • Accepting the adjuster’s first offer: Initial settlement offers are generally too low, so you should not be in a rush to accept it. Even if the offer seems substantial, you do not know enough about your injuries to know if the offer will adequately cover the costs of treatment. Before you sign off on anything, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can more accurately estimate the value of your claim. It might be worth more than you think.

Speaking to an insurance adjuster might seem intimidating, but hiring an attorney early on in the process can help ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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