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How To Get a Restraining Order in California

Do you need to protect yourself from a stalker, abuser, or even your controlling spouse? Obtaining a restraining order could be one of the best ways to protect you from someone who means you harm or disrupts your life on a regular basis. Everyone has a right to feel safe, and if that right has been stolen from you, there are things you can do to fight back and protect yourself.

If you are in need of protection, find out how you can obtain a protective order in the state of California.

Who Needs a Restraining Order?

California offers different types of restraining orders, each of which applies to slightly different situations. A civil restraining order can protect you from a stalker or someone else who wants to harm you but is not related or attached to you in any way. If the person you need to be protected from is a spouse, ex-spouse, romantic partner, or any type of relation, you must file a domestic violence restraining order instead.

Domestic violence restraining orders are often filed by victims who have been abused or threatened with abuse by someone they are close to. A parent might also choose to file a restraining order on behalf of their child if the child has been abused or threatened by someone in their household, such as their other parent.

What Can a Restraining Order Do?

A restraining order prevents the restrained person from making any form of contact with the person who filed the complaint. This might bar the person from visiting your home, your place of business, your school, and your children’s schools. A protective order can also prevent the person from calling, emailing, or making any other type of contact with you. The point of a restraining order is to protect you and your immediate family from someone who has abused you or is threatening to cause you serious harm.

How To Get a Restraining Order

If you feel threatened and are attempting to escape your abusive spouse or partner, the first thing you should do is file for a temporary restraining order. Once you have removed yourself from any immediate danger, contact a family lawyer and explain your situation. An experienced attorney can help you file for an emergency protective order, which will provide you with the protection you need as quickly as possible. At that point, you and your attorney can begin working towards establishing a more long-term restraining order.

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