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Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Even minor falls can result in serious injuries. Regardless of the cause, a seemingly inconsequential trip or slip might land you in the hospital with a broken bone, sprained muscle, or worse. Although nobody is completely immune to the dangers of slip and fall incidents, if you know how they occur, you might be better equipped to avoid them in the future. Anywhere you go, there is a possibility you could trip over an errant cord, slip on a spilled beverage, lose your footing on ice or hurt yourself in any other number of scenarios.

To keep yourself safe, learn more about the common types of slip and fall injuries and learn how they’re caused.

Head Injuries

When you fall or trip suddenly, you might not have time to protect your head properly. For this reason, many slip and fall incidents result in head injuries. Head injuries can vary significantly, usually depending on the severity of the fall and the level of impact. Small or minor falls might result in a slight concussion, whereas more severe falls might cause significant brain damage.

Broken Bones

When you fall, it’s instinctual to put out your hand to brace your fall, which can result in a broken or fractured wrist or arm. Slip and fall accidents might also cause you to break an ankle or leg if you twist or land wrong. Some slip and fall accidents also result in broken ribs if the body takes most of the impact.


In the event that you trip or slip on an unsteady surface or in an area with debris and other hazards, you might suffer several cuts and bruises. Lacerations can be very serious if they’re deep, but even minor lacerations can be painful and damaging. If left untreated, even small cuts can become infected, which can be even more harmful.

Hip Injuries

Falling on your hip is a very common issue, and if you land the right way you could actually break, fracture, or dislocate your hip. Hip injuries can occur from any type of fall, but they usually occur when the victim is older and more susceptible to hip injuries.

Spinal Damage

The spine is a very vital part of the body, and even though it is well protected by the vertebrae, the spinal cord is still rather delicate. If you jerk your neck during a fall, or if you land in a way that puts your back or neck in a compromising position, it can cause your spine serious, lasting damage.

Sprains & Strains

Much like with broken bones, sprains and strains usually occur when you fall and land on your hands or arms, or when the victim twists his or her legs during the fall. When a joint or limb is twisted, pushed, or pulled, it can easily be damaged in the fall, resulting in muscle sprains or strains, depending on the severity of the fall.

Although these are some of the most common slip and fall injuries, there are several other ways in which a person can be injured during a slip and fall accident. Whether you experienced one of the injuries mentioned above, or if you were injured in a different way altogether, our firm is prepared to help you. If you or someone you love was injured in a slip and fall accident, make sure you take immediate action to seek compensation for the damage you suffered.

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