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4 Tips To Avoid a Car Crash This Holiday Season

During the holidays, car crashes increase and become more deadly, which is why you need to be especially cautious throughout the month of December. According to date from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the fatalities in December, more than 40% of the fatalities occurred on New Year’s Eve, and 38% occurred on Christmas. Although most people view these holidays with joy and with an air of celebration, there is certainly cause to drive with caution during this time of year.

In order to avoid a car crash this holiday season, try following these key tips:

  1. Know Before You Go

Traffic can be hefty around the holidays, which is why you should always check for safe travel times and try to avoid the busiest days or times. When there are more people on the road, the chances of getting into a car crash are significantly higher. Even if you are a safe driver, other drivers might fall victim to road rage, or they may drive carelessly, resulting in severe accidents and deadly injuries.

  1. Prepare Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle can play a huge part in ensuring the safety of yourself and any passengers you carry. It’s always important to keep your car in good shape, but when the winter weather sets in, this becomes particularly important. Check the fluid levels in your car, make sure your tire pressure is normal, and get regular oil changes. If you notice anything amiss, be sure to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for service.

  1. Drive Defensively

Always drive with a cautious attitude. You never want to assume that the other driver sees you or that they will make the right move. Rather than trusting other drivers, always be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for reckless drivers. For example, look both ways before entering any intersections.

  1. Avoid Driving at Night

Driving late at night can be extremely dangerous for several reasons. First of all, driving at night reduces visibility, which makes it easier for you to overlook sharp turns, debris, or other hazards. Driving at night also increases your chances of running into a drunk driver. Drunk drivers often hit the roads late at night, after the driver has consumed his or her fair share of alcohol, putting you and every other driver at risk. To avoid this, try driving at more reasonable hours. Or, if you must drive late at night, do so cautiously.

Even if you follow each of these tips to avoid a holiday crash, accidents can and do happen. If you were injured, make sure you take immediate action to defend your rights and seek compensation for your injuries.

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