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Gray Divorce - Divorcing After 50

Divorce rates have not fluctuated much amongst most age groups, though there is one segment of the population where these numbers are increasing. It is a phenomenon known as gray divorce. Couples over the age of 50 are suddenly deciding to party ways after decades of sharing their lives with one another. What is the reason for this uptrend?

Reasons for a Gray Divorce

1.Growing Apart: Gray divorces do not typically involve the same type of blowouts that younger couples may face. Instead of a major impetus sparking the decision, it is sometimes a gradual process that eventually culminates in the realization that a couple is no longer on the same page. This may happen after the last child goes to college, or after retirement, when a couple has more time to examine their lives and a lack of commonalities.

2.Age: Being old and acting old are two different things. When one spouse acts old, it may be an unwelcome reminder for the other spouse. This might lead one to believe that a younger partner could produce the opposite effect.

3.Self-Improvement: After so many years of feeling, looking, and living in a particular way, some spouses may crave changes and seek improvements. Sometimes the changes are superficial, but they can also be drastic, such as desiring to end the marriage.

4.Sex: A difference in sex drives could end an aging couple’s marriage. As people age, sexual appetites often change, leading to frustration and, in some cases, divorce.

5.Spending Habits: When the income stream stops for older couples and they are forced to live on a fixed income, differences in spending habits become more evident, which can cause a whole host of problems and arguments.

6.Undo a Regret: In some cases, some couples were never happily married. They might have married out of a sense of obligation, or to garner parental or societal approval. On the brink of their golden years, however, older spouses might eventually decide that an unhappy marriage is no longer an acceptable situation and that it is never too late to undo a past regret.

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