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Are you currently going through a divorce? Are you finding it tough to deal with this serious legal matter on your own? Do you have concerns about your children, your assets or your income? If so, now is the time to speak with a divorce lawyer from our firm. For years, we have been helping spouses get through both contested and uncontested divorces. When you work with a divorce attorney from our team, you will be provided with outstanding legal services and counsel so you can get through this difficult time with ease.

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By working with a family lawyer, people will find that their divorces are expedited and that much of the legal stress is taken off of their shoulders as they have advocates on their sides that are skilled in this niche area of law. We can help with any family law needs you have.

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We can provide counsel and representation for either contested or uncontested divorce. During a contested divorce, both parties will find it is difficult to agree upon important legal matters. They may fight or engage in conflicts with one another which will only prolong the legal process. When people are going through a contested divorce, it is always a wise idea for them to retain the services of a divorce lawyer, like those at Singleton Smith Law Offices.

The other type of divorce, uncontested divorce, occurs when both parties are in agreement on most of the important matters surrounding their divorces. During uncontested divorces, spouses are usually able to get through the legal process without much conflict, but will still benefit from the services and guidance of knowledgeable Murrieta family law attorneys.

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Best legal team in all of the IE!! Our family has been through A LOT and we have been in and out of court for over 8 years now and each time spending lots of money and seeing holes and flaws everywhere! We called Singleton-Smith and from hello they were upfront, honest, and realistic. They have walked us through many difficult times and situations and they are getting the job DONE! The way they have dealt with me and my family has made me trust in an attorney again and I know that they truly have our family’s best interest at heart! I want to thank them and give my review before our final hearing because no matter what happens I am confident in a law office that took us in when we needed it the most and they are getting things back to a place of peace in our home. I recommend them highly for your legal needs and cannot thank them ALL enough for getting us through everything. Brandy has been beyond incredible! Danielle has been our rock! And Crystal has been so amazing! Thank you all so very much! Best legal team in all of the IE!!
- Emmily B.
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