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Family law is one of the most complex and personal legal areas. If you are considering a divorce or are facing another family law issue, make sure that you have a knowledgeable and experienced Murrieta family law lawyer by your side. Singleton Smith Law Offices is a recognized and trusted family law firm in Riverside County and is known for providing personalized, attentive representation. Attorney Diane Michelle Singleton-Smith has even received the Client Distinction Award from Martindale-Hubbell®, one of the most trusted lawyer rating services in the nation.

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Family Law Practice Areas

Our firm can assist with contested divorce cases as well as uncontested cases. We can help you draft your own divorce agreement outside of the courtroom, or we can fight aggressively on your behalf at trial.

Need to end a marriage that was never valid? We know the laws regarding annulments and can help you determine whether or not you are eligible. If you are, we can guide you through the annulment process.

Child Custody
Do you need to fight for custody of your child? Do you want to be sure that your custody order is fair? Retain a lawyer from our firm to represent you.

Child Support
Our attorney understands California's child support guidelines and can help make sure that you pay or receive a fair amount of support for your child.

Conservatorship allows one person to take legal control over another person. If you need to seek conservatorship, our firm can help you with the paperwork and at trial, when applicable.

Division of Assets
Divorce requires the division of your marital assets which, although it is supposed to be equal, is not always equal. The right attorney can help ensure that you receive a fair division of assets.

Divorce Mediation
Not all divorce matters must be resolved in court. If you and your spouse can agree on any specific area, that matter could be resolved through divorce mediation.

Domestic Partnerships
Are you unmarried, but looking to enter into a domestic partnership? We can help you understand the laws regarding cohabitation and domestic partnership, and we can help you make it happen.

With our help, you could become a legal guardian so that you have the authority to make important legal decisions for your underage ward.

Military Divorce
Divorce is different for military members than it is for civilians. Our attorney knows the differences and can guide you through each step of the process.

Native American Divorce
With Pechanga land being located in the Riverside County area, our firm can help you with a divorce if your divorce if you are Native American.

When it comes to support, custody, and visitation issues, it is important to ensure that paternity is established. We can help you establish paternity to protect your fathers' rights, or to ensure that you receive fair support from your child's father.

Restraining Orders
If you have suffered from domestic violence or abuse, we can help you get a restraining order to prevent any further violence against you. This can be obtained before, during, after, or separate from a divorce proceeding.

Sometimes, two spouses decide to obtain a legal separation instead of divorce. This allows you to live two completely separate lives while still receiving the tax, health, and retirement benefits of marriage.

Spousal Support Modification
Need to modify your spousal support order after a change in circumstance? Our firm can help you prepare a strong case so that your order is modified, allowing you to pay or receive a fair amount.

Uncontested Divorce
Most divorce cases are settled outside of court because they are uncontested. If you and your spouse are in agreement on each aspect of your divorce, or if you believe that you can come to an agreement in these areas, then you would benefit best from an uncontested divorce.

While you may be denied custody, you can still fight for visitation rights that allow you to remain a part of your child's live after divorce.

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Singleton Smith Law Offices can provide you with the support, counsel, and representation that you need in order to obtain the smoothest, fasted divorce possible. If you are simply seeking custody, paternity, visitation, or some other family law issue apart from divorce, we can assist you in these matters, as well. Speak with a Murrieta family lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case.

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